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question Questions
  • Which biological questions are addressed by the tutorial?
  • Which bioinformatics techniques are important to know for this type of data?
objectives Objectives
  • The learning objectives are the goals of the tutorial
  • They will be informed by your audience and will communicate to them and to yourself what you should focus on during the course
  • They are single sentences describing what a learner should be able to do once they have completed the tutorial
  • You can use Bloom's Taxonomy to write effective learning objectives

time Time estimation: 40 minutes


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TODO: specific chapter on storage

Write your data management plan for your data storage

Go to DMPonline and open your draft data management plan created in the Introduction.

You have now completed the module on data storage. You should be able to complete the following questions in the section ‘Data documentation’:

Where will you store your data? How will the data be backed up? After finishing this part in DMPonline, please return to the learning environment and click on [Complete]. This takes you back to the course overview. Continue with the next learning unit.

You can ask your faculty or project data manager or RDM Support for a review of your DMP once you have finished writing all or parts of your DMP.

keypoints Key points

  • The take-home messages
  • They will appear at the end of the tutorial

Useful literature

Further information, including links to documentation and original publications, regarding the tools, analysis techniques and the interpretation of results described in this tutorial can be found here.

congratulations Congratulations on successfully completing this tutorial!